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Le client est à downloader ici, les informations sur les blocs suivent plus bas. C'est une lecture utile :)

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Inventory: (READ!!!)

As said above, special blocks are added to your inventory
when you clear lines with special blocks in them. You
are only able to use the special block inside the red
box. The red box cannot be moved or the game would be
incredibly easy. The description of what the special block
does to a player is located to the left of the inventory.
To use the current special block, press the player number of
the player you want to attack. If the special block is a
GOOD block, use it on yourself by pressing your player

Here is a list of all the special blocks:

* 'A' Block: This is the add line block. It will add
a "junk line" to the players field that
you choose.
$ 'C' Block: This is the clear line block. It clears
the line farthest to the bottom in the
playing field.
$ 'N' Block: This removes all blocks from a playing
field giving the player a "fresh start".
* 'R' Block: This removes 10 random blocks from
a player's field.
* 'S' Block: This switches your playing field with
another player's field depending on which
player number you pressed. If either of
the fields' block stack is over 16 blocks
high, the stack will be lowered.
* 'B' Block: This removes all special blocks from
a players field.
$ 'G' Block: This "gravity" block takes all the blocks
on the field and "pulls" them all towards
the bottom of the field eliminating any
gaps in the blockstack.
* 'Q' Block: This causes each of the lines of blocks
on a players field to randomly shift left
or right or not at all.
* 'O' Block: This is the block bomb, when used on a
player, it clears 3x3 portions on their
field anywhere there are 'o' blocks.
Any blocks that were in the 3x3 areas
are scattered around the field.

IMPORTANT: Blocks with a '*' at the beginning of the line
are ATTACK special blocks; use these on
other players.

Blocks with a '$' at the beginning are DEFENSE
blocks and should be used on yourself because
they are GOOD

You can also press the letter 'D' and it will discard
the first block in your inventory.